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Correspond with citizens of Tsuiki Japan in English


27 Jan 2004
I was a S/Sgt. in the United States Air Force and stationed at Tsuiki AB from January 1951 to June 1952. I would like to be able to correspond with some of the current citizens in English if possible. I did find a URL for Tsuiki Fukuoka. I responded, but the message came back because of translation problems. Any help that anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated. My personal URlL is www.keithfannon.netfirms.com

Keith🙂 :)
Hi Keith,

I'm not sure you will have much luck here since most of the Japanese members are young. I was stationed close to your old base in Fuk at a base called Hakata Base. It was an old Japanese sea plane base from WWII. It was staffed by all branches of the service, including Canada. We used it foe electronic surveilance of Russia and No. K and Nam. I traveled in and out of your old bace in old DC9's a lot. I was there in 71&72. I tried a site for Japanese pen-pals to get someone from the old days, but the 2 people I conected with weren't old enough to remember the bases. You might try buying a program like "Easy Translator 4" or similer. You can then go to a Japanese site, click a button and change it all for reading in English, it'll be hammered English, be warned. I'm guessing from my experience that Japanese people old enough to remember the good ol days don't have computers. Good luck in your search !!


Thanks for the info. I was in the hospital at Fukuoka with malaria in 1951 before going back to Suwon Korea. i I will have to try your suggestion about Easy Translator.


computer savy ! Don't be afraid to hang around the Forum once in a while !
Lotta great people and interesting info on Japan. I think you can find that program at Staples, Best Buy, ETC. .


Just a side note: You can try using some online translation tools like the Fish, for texts and websites. It will save you a few bucks.

Good luck in your quest. :)
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