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Correct word for milk


9 Jan 2004
what's the correct word for milk ? ist it

1) miruku
2) gyuunyuu

are both correct ? when do i use 1, and when do i use 2 ?
like elizabeth said, gyuunyuu is normal, standard cows milk. Miruku could refer to all the other milks out there (soy, goat, breast etc etc)
Isn't miruku often the term used on restaurant menus and in baby formulas while gyunyu is the label usually found on cartons you buy in the store ?
Well, I can't comment on that, because I don't live in Japan. All I can say is to read the thread to which I posted a link; I think that it's spelled out pretty well there (by Japanese people). If you've only read the post to which I linked above, then try this one too; it has a little more.
Miruku is for milk in general. Gyuunyuu is for cows milk as I have seen in on many milk cartons showing this had come from cows not from soy or goats. Any questions, just reply
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