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24 Oct 2003
k wa
wondering what are some speed oriented words in japan. pretty funny request, but im trying the think of something new for a shop and all the english words are played out. som basically, something that sounds cool and has something to do with speed, i dunno. What are some cool names of shops in japan? give me some ideas
lame, but desprate :sorry:
You should check out the latest Japanese street slang to see if any of that might help you to come up with a name. It all depends on what kind of name you want to be associated with your business and clientele since phonetically a lot of the "cool" words might actually sound awkward to those unfamiliar with the language (hashiriya, bucchigiri, bosozoku, wangan, zero-yon, etc).

If you're in So Cal for instance you might be able to get away with something like that since the import scene is pretty big there (Bay area and West Coast in general). If you're in Grand Forks, Noth Dakota though... well, you see my point. 8-p J-slang and jargon change quickly too, so no point in buying a book as you would be better off doing an online search probably or better yet asking a friend or associate if you have the contacts.

Something else to consider as well would be getting the appropriate kanji and or kana for words like velocity, boost, turbo, acceleration, torque, etc. and seeing if maybe that appeals to your aesthetic tastes along with your business/company name. Might be a nice touch for graphical presentations associated with your business (letterhead, business cards, signs, etc.). Bottom line is that whatever name you decide on, remember it's your business and so it must be something that you personally like, be original and have longevity, and accurately reflects what it is you and your operations are all about. Anyways, hope that helps.
all of that is true *nods*
what about "ra-ba" in katakana? it would mean several things... including one of the most common components of a car...
nm :D
exactly....it helped a lot, though it still got my no where:) but appreciated. I mean i want something that means "performance, torque, velosity", and stuff like that. but it may sound strange and not fit in context with the rest on the name.
im going for Project "blah" motorsports or something along those lines.
mainly working with hondas and nissans

i dunno
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