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If you have an interesting, informative or humorous article related to life here in Japan then I would like to put it up on Japan.box.sk Particularly if your article is about your travel experience in Japan.

Please note that articles are more then just a posting like the ones in forums. Articles can be based on the lifestyle, culture, language, travel experience and current events that are happening within Japan.

It is not important if you are not a great writer as we give all registered users the chance to submit their story.

memo me here at Japanreference if you are interested or register here and memo me at at Japan.box.sk.


I would like to say a big thank you to the main man - Thomas - for allowing me to put up this post. THANK YOU

Hey, we J-related webmasters have to stick together.

x, the link above returns a 404.
Hm, I am still unable to access your page. Just did a tracert, your domain doesn't resolve. Sorry to trouble you.
Now that's weird. Must be my ISP, although I have no problems in accessing other sites. Sorry for the fuzz...
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