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Content discovery: search forms


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14 Mar 2002
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Welcome to the Japan Forum, and thank you for joining our community!

This is the sixth of a multiple-page help series to guide you on how to use the website. This page will give you an overview of how to discover content via search.

Main search form:

In any viewport - desktop, tablet, or mobile phone - you will find our main search form on the top right of every page.

This is what it looks like on desktop computers and tablets:


And on mobile phones (iPhone, in this case):


Our main search form is powered by Threadloom. While it queries only the main content types (forum threads and posts, media and resources), it allows one-character queries:


Advanced search form:

You can access our advanced search form directly through this link or by clicking the cog-wheel symbol in the top search form.


You can search all content types via advanced search but have to enter at least four characters:


Search queries can be refined by selecting specific content types:

  • threads
  • articles
  • blogs
  • reviews
  • media
  • media comments
  • links
  • resources
  • link comments
  • profile posts
  • tags
and further specified by restricting your search to titles (threads, articles, blog entries).

Below an advanced search result displaying forum threads and articles:


Happy searching! :)
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