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26 Aug 2003
so what was the last concert you guys have been to? the last band i saw was, black label society it was a good show. on the 21st im going to so slayer i cant wait, i saw them last year and the show was killer!! this one should be just as good
Last one I went to was Ben Folds Five (before their band broke up,) I think I'll be listening to it for the rest of my life, I love it.


Last concert i went to was from The Mad Capsule Markets.

No wait, after that i also went to a small festival which featured Toshinori Kondo and eX-Girl.
Last concert I went to was Reel Big Fish.

Ah, it was truly a magical night. Hot, stuffy, and a bit rowdy...but nice.
I'm not even going to embarass myself by telling whose concert I went to last. It wasn't even my idea...

The best concerts I've ever been to were REM concerts. My very first concert was Poison and Tesla. I got to see Dave Matthews way before he was famous in college because his girlfriend(now wife) went to the same college I went to. Another memorable concert was White Zombie. I went to see them before they broke up. Have also seen Metallica(way back when), Def Leppard, The Connells, Phish, Hootie and the Blowfish, and a few others that must not be that memorable...
a concert held at the Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, California. Duran Duran and Seal were there...temperature was about 98 degrees? Hot and miserable....
Wow, Seal and Duran Duran. I would've been more than happy to put up with the 98 degree heat for them! ;)

I was a major Duran Duran fan way back when. I was in love with Simon LeBon when everybody else loved Andy Taylor.
The most recent / best / and most expensive -( 7,500 yen + ツ」500 in travel) concert i have been to was L'Arc-en-Ciel, last June. It was AWESOME!!! 👏

July 96 - Michael Jackson Wembly Stadium / London
March 97 - 3T Pavillion / Plymouth
May 98 - Janet N.E.C / Birmingham
June 03 - L'Arc-en-Ciel Yoyogi Stadium / Shibuya

I want to see them next Spring on tour!!! Hyde ga daisuki desu!😍
my last concert was WAY too long ago...in April (...or May) I saw The Roots in Manchester and they were awesome...the solos were great! especially leonard hubbard's on bass! I think in Rolling Stones magazine they rated them as one of the best live acts

i went to a free concert in July but it wasnt very good really!
The last concert I was at was Alkaline Trio, it was amazing and I met Matt Skiba!! It's awesome seeing your favourite band!!

Other concerts I've been to:
September 2003: Rancid
August: Slane - rhcp, foo fighters, QOTSA!!!!!!!, PJ HARVEY!!!!, feeder, merchebe (spelling?) and hailite
May: HWM :)
The Who, saw them at Jones Beach in New York Aug 2002. Though they played without the greatest bass guitarist ever John Entwistle, who passed away earlier in the year, they still rocked hard. Awesome guitar from Townshend. The greatest band of all time!!
I went to Localpaluza in Tucson about 2 weeks ago. My favorite fashion band ,The Mean Reds, played as well as some local ska band named Warsaw. It was the first time I remeber so many people dancing at a show, it was great. Yeah , The Mean Reds, they're something elese, I can't even begin to describe how incredable their music is.
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I am going to make myself feel real old and say that my first concert was Guns'n'Roses. Damn I feel old now...lol
The last concert I went to was Jurassic 5 at Shibuya AX, and they most definitely put on a good show. I`ve seen J5 a couple times live, and they usually have a pretty solid set. All the guys are really charismatic, so they really get the crowd going. Dj Krush opened for them, but he seemed kinda lacking in the Dj skills. Other than that, overall I was impressed with the concert. Next month I am going to see 50 Cent up in Tokyo and Limp Bizkit up in Saitama, so I am definitely pumped for those shows. 😄
I've never been to one either, unless you count classical concerts, and these technomusic events with live performers...

But if I'm lucky enough to get tickets, next february I'm going to the Kraftwerk concert here in Helsinki rock city :D
Originally posted by kirei_na_me
I'm not even going to embarass myself by telling whose concert I went to last. It wasn't even my idea...

Hey Kirei_na_me, would that happen to be along the lines of Britney spears or The Back Street Boys?:sing:
what's wrong with going to Celine Dテュon's concert? I'm not a fan of her music, but She _does have_ an unbelievably great voice...going to Britney's concert,now that would be embarrasing ;)
well the last show i went to see was "hot water music" wouldnt call that a concert seeing is how its at a club and i only had to pay like 5 dollars. ive been to alot of shows but only two concerts, eric clapton and the toadies, the last one before the broke up, got their autographs too :)
I agree. Seeing Britney Spears would definitely be embarassing.

My husband also likes Celine. He was the one who wanted to go see her... ;)
Near...........Far..............Wherever you are................:sing:

Yeah, that is pretty bad............naw J/K...........you could do a lot worse, so don`t feel embarassed.:p
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