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Computer desk and chair.


26 Jan 2004
Hi, I was wondering if anyone here used a desk (or table) and chair that is close to the ground (or on the ground in the case of the chair) because I am currently moving all my furiture and things in my apartment lower to the ground, and wanted to see how this would implemented or read some ideas on how to implement something like this. The table near the ground is not really a problem, but since I used my computer alot a simple cushion or mat would not be very comfortable for long periods. I also thought about using a banana chair, or a bean bag.... but I'm just curious to see if anyone else has done something like this. Pictures of your computer setup would be pretty interesting too. Thanks.
I use low desk because my computer room is a Japanese style.:D

I made this low and long desk by myself to fit for computers. I don't use a chair or cushion, I sit straight on Japanese mat "Tatami". It is not much of a comfort but I don't feel pain. It is very normal or natural to me.



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Wow, this is very strange to me!!! However, I do realise that this is your home (Japanese style) which I could never appreciate as I don't see this kind of set-up every-day!!!🙂 🙂
I don't think I could sit like that for any length of time!!!🙂
Nangi, I'm so impressed by your neatness and your organization skills. Will you come clean and organize my house for me?
Thanks for the responses.
Nangi: Your Computer Area looks very nice.
I would love to do something like that, but I need something to sit on :/
and of course tatami mats :)
Konnichiwa Minasan!

to Erik-san
Tatami mat is a 4,500-12,000 yen. There is a few different types, size, color, raw material and manufacturing method. We can get Tatami mat easily because there is a lot of Tatami shops and makers in Japan.

to Deborah Gormley-san
I have used desk and chair before in my room. Because my room is carpet floor. But I had four computers then, and I want to gather four computers in a room. And I set up four computers in a vacant room. It is a Japanese style room.:D
Low desk is very popular in Japan.

to Kirei_na_me-san
Thanks! Oh, I don't know your house! Do You live in neighboring town of my town?😊

to Lazaro-san
Thanks! and sorry, I think it is difficult to buy Tatami mat in US.:p

Originally posted by kirei_na_me
Nangi, I'm so impressed by your neatness and your organization skills. Will you come clean and organize my house for me?
I was going to say the same thing. :D
It's really neat, Nangi. :)
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