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Competition stiffens to work oneself to death


17 Jan 2004
For many people, working in Japan can be very tough, especially if you work as a salaryman. Or salarywoman, for that matte. Here's an up-close look at the jobs of salarymen and salarywomen.

In Keisuke Tamura's section at work, three of the six systems engineers are ill, two with chronic depression. That's not unusual, Spa! finds. Illness pervades the Japanese workplace. Might the workplace environment itself be sick?

Japan Times
I think a lot of it has to do with the individual's attitude and mindset. I've certainly had my share of stifling work environments (both here and in Japan) but I never allowed myself to use it as an excuse to the point where it became detrimental to my health.

I know all too well the familiar pressures of meeting important deadlines at crunchtime, putting in the extra hours to pick up someone else's slack, having to suffer a debilitating work environment with low morale day-in and day-out, etc. etc.

Speaking from personal experience, if you truly enjoy the nature of your work, allow yourself enough time to get a good night's rest when needed, do what needs to be done without allowing distractions to interfere, and generally try to remain upbeat, positive, and professional with your colleagues (despite what you may think of them personally), everything else just seems to fall into place (productivity, efficiency, morale, etc.).
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