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Comparing Cities in China and Japan

Hanada Tattsu

12 Aug 2003
Okay, first off, I like to compare countries, that are somewhat alike, with similar histories and cultures, etc. In the case of Asia, I'm comparing China (Zhongguo) and Japan (Nihon).

Then after, I compare two cities within the countries, that are similar and stuff. Why I do this? Well, I get bored. :p

Anyways, in first city I compare are usually the capitals. So, in Zhongguo, the capital is Beijing, and in Nihon, it's Tokyo.

The second city I compare are one of the larger, modern cities, not as big as the capital, but pretty big.

Now, I'm having trouble. I know of some modern cities in China and Japan, and I've eliminated some choices from the lineup. In China, I've eliminated Tianjin, Shenyang, and Wuhan, along with Hong Kong and Portugese Macao. In Japan, I've eliminated Sapporo, Yokohama, and Osaka.

Now, in the remainder of modern cities left in China and Japan, which modern cities should I compare ith each other?

Thanks a bunch, and please reply urgently.
China : Shanghai

Shanghai is probably the most modern city of China
and also the largest in population,
and it keeps growing so fast because the government puts lots of money in it.
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