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Coming to Japan


27 May 2003
I'm now working in taipei with indonesian passport.
My questions are:
1. If I go to Japan to answer an interview request, can I get a tourist visa at the airport, or what do I need to do here in taipei.

2. If I get a job there, what is the procedure to change to working visa.

thanks in advance

I would contact the Japanese Embassy in or near Taipei. They will be in the best position to help you. But I found a bit on the web. However, always double check important info like this that you find floating around on message boards:)!

You will need to apply for a visa. Indonesia and Japan do not have automatic 90 tourist visas. You will need to present a visa application form, a passport sized photo, proof that you have enough funds to defray all the expenses for your time in Japan, and documents indicating the purpose of your visit - like a letter from the company that is interviewing you .

If you get the job, your local immigration office in Japan can help you with the change of status, though often work visas must be issued outside of Japan (meaning you will need to apply in Taipei and stay there until they finish your application). The company that hires you will sponsor you for the visa so there shouldn't be too much of a wait. Good luck!
Thanks mandylion, I'll check with the japanese embassy here and see how can they help...I'm applying for jobs in Japan now....I might get called for interviews...for this reason, I want to be well prepared, unless they give a go to Webcam interview, then that'll save a lot of time.

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