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Gag me with a spoon
19 Nov 2003
Are there any fans of comics out there? I dont mean just manga, I mean comics.

I ask this, because I hate being the only person I know who reads Transmetropolitian, The Thessaliad, Lucifer, and Preacher, among others.

So....any comic fans out there?
I Like Transmet too. I also read Hellboy's Mignola and occasionally, Frank Miller. I have his 300 lying about here somewhere.

A friend of mine allowed me to read is Invisibles collection and I enjoyed it too, though I think that' serie ended. Too bad...
Ah, a Frank Miller fan?!

At Anime-Expo last year, my best friend and I spent the first day of it about 6 blocks away at a little known modest chain of comic book stores called Mile High. *From what I know, there are only 2 in the US, and an online store.*

Anyway, I found an autographed DK2. Yes, Frank Miller autograph. Stuff like that is what dreams are made of....

Have you heard of the Hellboy movie slated for released in April this year?
My Nest Egg !!

Starting around 1968 I bought #1---10 of all new Marvel & DC and other label comics. Around 1000 or more sit untouched in my cellar. Once in a while I check prices. I surprises me how many have a value of $75 dollars or more each. Maybe I'll cash em in for a trip to Japan some day !


If you do sell them, sell them to me.

I inherited a card from the 1950's that was a depiction of the old X-men team before they spanned into the x-force, and excaliber.

The card was appraised about 10 years ago to be worth $990. Goddess knows how much its worth now.
Card Collection..

I think the early 70's they gave bubblegum cards depicting the American Civil War. They were extreamly bloody & gorie for there time. I've got the compleate set in mint condition. Last I checked they were up to around $300. I notice a lot of people sell things on Ebay that are neat and old .


Ebay has got some kosher collectibles, but its hard to trust the people who sell things from there.
collected Doc Strange until the latest series crashed and burned...loved the old Silver Dagger stories with da caterpillar :D

collected the Savage Sword of Conan ones, too, til that terminated.....

collected the hard bound Hokuto no Ken series when it came out....but that ended, except for the new series that's out now.....

too much political correctness garbage out these days, though, even if the art is flashier.... :p
Originally posted by den4

too much political correctness garbage out these days, though, even if the art is flashier.... :p

Evidently you havent picked up Preacher, or Transmetropolitian....
Preacher is basically about a preacher who died, gained angelic abilities, and destroys whatever, in a small quaint Texas town.

Believe me, its much deeper than what I explained.

But it defies being politically correct, in the violence it unleashes. Its the perfect anti-christian comic, if you ask me. Needless to say I love it.

Transmetropolitian is about a journalist setting his sights on the President of the USA. Its a really hardline story that again, defies the boundries of political correctness. If the president read it, I'm sure he would have outlawed Vertigo comics years ago.
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