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Comic Party!


17 Jan 2004
A few months ago, I stumbled on this series, "Comic Party." This, essentially, is a study of us, the anime fans. Our obsession with anime, manga, and doujinshi can sometimes go beyond how we would perceive it.

A few reviews on this, for your perusal:

Kazuki Sendo had always loved drawing and painting with his best friend Mizuki Takase. But when classmate Taishi, who calls them 窶彙rother窶 and 窶徭ister窶 (in English), pulls them into a doujinshi convention, Kazuki窶冱 outlook began to change. Soon he finds himself passionately drawing manga and cramming to get into conventions, the biggest of which is the much-awaited Summer Comic Party. As Kazuki meets new friends who help him familiarize the dos and don窶冲s of doujinshi, he starts to drift away from Mizuki and his regular way of living. Thus begins the struggle of a talented artist.
Anime Oksahi

There is one show that is just so self-referential to the life of an otaku (hardcore anime fan), so filled with in-jokes about our chosen way of life, and just so targeted to the super otaku in all of us that it demands our viewing. Comic Party is that show. Sure, it's filled with regular shoujo (girls' comics) crap, angsty boys and weak-willed boys, but like a Yuu Watase show (read: Fushigi Yuugi), it's the side characters who make this show. Taishi, the boy who plans to use Japanese manga to conquer the world, is possibly the best side character that I can imagine, but more on that later.
Sleep is for the weak

I recommend checking it out, but there are some scenes that may be a bit too suggestive... ^_^
I agree that Comic Party is worth checking out. The first volume DVD will finally be available in the US this coming next week.
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