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Come on, Jb, show me what you've got

How about that.

It's good to see you,

Francesco not Francescosmile
. :devilish:
You know, i've met a chatbot called Alan some time ago
Let me think.. i talked to him through a chatline, but i guess he was in Israel in that moment.
Go ahead, Francesco not Francescosmile, try to think.What did he have to say? :)
He was kind and polite. he also had a brother called Hal, a little child
When was he?What happened to
a brother called Hal a little child
? 😄
Hal is a little child, smart and curious.
So you like childs?
Do you think I could be a little child smart and curious?Interesting deduction.
Someone said they like guns.
I like . ;)
Right now?
I am in jref dude's computer in
here. Where are you? :)
i'm an engeneering student, i play soccer and take pictures, beautiful pictures
What is engeneering student he or she play soccer and take pictures beautiful pictures
p, your job? :devilish:
Why can't you do believe?Do you still have the last word with J-Bot ? 😄

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