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come help fix my computer


8 Apr 2004
Hello, native English speakers,
I have found this. Does this usage of the verbs sound right?

There is someone knocking at the door. It must be the computer repairman. I called him to come help fix my computer.

Is it only used in the U.S.?

I would say that's correct usage. I am from the United States though, so I can't confirm if it's only used here or not. I can say it is used here though.
I can't say whether it's only an American phrasing, but as an American I can verify that it sounds natural to me.

inserting "help" in between movement and action verbs without any extra punctuation seems to be no problem, when I think about it...
"go help clean up your sister's room"
"come help trim the cat's claws"
"I thought I asked you to go help bake cookies for this weekend"
As a Brit, I'd say 'I called him to come and fix my computer'.

I don't normally have a problem with American English (in fact I use it most of the time in my job) but here I think 'help' sounds a bit strange. It sounds like you and the person fixing the computer will be doing the job together.

Anyway, if two native US speakers say it's OK, then it is OK.
It is certainly widely used, but I wouldn't use that phrasing.
"I called him to help me fix my computer."
Thank you for the help, everyone.
It seems that it's in American English. All of nice gaijin san's examples are
either "come help + another verb" or "go help + another verb". Do you ever
use any other verbs in this pattern?

I can't think of any other verbs we use this way. I should mention that in this situation the word me is implied. "I called him to come help (me) fix my computer." If you wanted to clarify it was him solely doing the fixing you can remove help. "I called him to come fix my computer." The first as previously mentioned can mean that you will both together be fixing your computer.
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