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6 Jan 2007
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Firstly, I apologize to our Community Members that do not presently reside in Japan, as I am going to focus this on Japan.

Secondly, the first definition I will place here comes from here: Collusion - Wikipedia

Let me copy that short summary, as I do not presently know how much the hot link will show.

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A secret agreement between two or more parties to limit open competition by deceiving, misleading, or defrauding others of their legal rights, or to obtain an objective forbidden by law typically by defrauding or gaining an unfair market advantage is an example of collusion.

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Let's toss in a couple more:


And now I wish to include a couple hits, as we see below:


And the links and a tad bit about the authors might be a good idea:

Cartels in Japan: Norm-oriented collusion
Authored by Professor Akihiko Matsui at the University of Tokyo with the url showing a year of 2005
https://www.jftc.go.jp/cprc/koukai/sympo/2005report_files/060127matsuicomment.pdf of a PowerPoint presentation and page 2 indicates research up to and including 1972, but page 6 indicates research associated with the JFTC up to and including 2003.

From collusion to competition? Japanese business groups in the 21st century
Authored by Professors Petr Matous and Yasuyuki Todo with a date showing of 16 June 2015

So now you are wondering what the heck is that nutso fella TGI-ECT on about this time, right?

One word --- cheese. That cheap processed sliced cheese that I have been putting on my sandwiches since that poker player taught me about sandwiches. I think his name was Sandwich.

Here: スライスチーズ7枚入

There is the deal; seven!

Now, if collusion is illegal or not kind or crafty or any of those other very not-nice words, HOW THE HECK did every cheese seller or company or whatever they are called all suddenly start selling the sliced cheese in packets of 7, instead of the previous style of 8?

I mean, we either have collusion or that Spielberg fella has the makings of an absolutely fantastic movie where ALL those executives had a dream on the same night that they had to reduce the selling of the cheese down to 7 per packet and they all had that dream on the same night and walked into the next board meeting and announced the change to all board members.

Oh, and that Abe fella had a dream at the same time about how that was going to be legal. I mean, it happened on his watch, right?

So could somebody explain to me what I missed about this one? I'd appreciate that.

I have another example of another product that a most serious Spielberg style of all executives in that business also had that same weird dream that resulted in all companies dropping the amount per sale to the average consumer.

But let us start with the cheese, please.

Who can help me here?


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14 Mar 2002
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Interesting! I have always regarded the "seven-slice-a-pack" mystery as one of those inexplicable peculiarities of Japanese culture. What struck me as a little bit odd after I had arrived in Japan was the fact that beer of various breweries was sold for exactly the same price at most convenience store chains.

But we all know that artificially controlled and inflated prices across so many industries are a sheer impossibility, right?


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26 Sep 2015
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But we all know that artificially controlled and inflated prices across so many industries are a sheer impossibility, right?
And the fact that all the news channels generally report exactly the same news in the same order must merely be coincidence!
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