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college students looking for summer internship in Japan


24 May 2006
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Hello everyone,

I am a second year college student in the United States. My friend and I (my friend is in her first year, right now) would like to do internships in Japan this coming summer, but we don't know where to look.

Both of us are Asian studies majors who are taking Japanese language in school. Ideally, we're looking for something that will give us valuable work experience as well as opportunity to learn more about Japanese culture and better our speaking skills.

We are not looking for an intensive language program--we already know about plenty of those. We're looking more for an opportunity where we can actually do relevant and meaningful work. It does not matter if the internship pays or not--because I know things can get complicated when it comes to paying non-citizens, especially ones who are still in college.

I've looked through some of the internships at various online sites, but most of them are for rising seniors or recent grads. My friend and I are neither of these things. Does anyone have any advice for us?


28 Nov 2005
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Most places won't give college/university students internships unless they are seniors or just graduated, plus the internship you do have to deal with what your getting into.

I can't really help much since the school i'm going to offers me an internship over in Japan once I graduate. Oh thinking about it, the only thing I can tell you is talk to your school about it and see what they have internship wise in Japan.
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