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COE for Student Visa got denied


24 Mar 2018
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I would like to ask advice on how to proceed after this. Basically my COE for student visa was rejected because of:

“reason for non-issuance is number 7(It could not accepted that the school can conduct proper Japanese language education to the standards of the Japanese language educational institution).

Since establishing in 2001, we strictly adhere to the laws and regulations for about 20 years and continues to be accredited as a proper school by the Tokyo Immigration Bureau.

So we have a high record of the grant rate of the Certificate of Eligibility and the entrance rate.

Currently Japan is an aging society with a low birthrate, so the Japanese government is increasing foreign students to solve the employment problem. But the law also has become strict accordingly.”

this was provided to me by the school. Based on my understanding, this is school’s problem not mine. Now I tried applying on other school and they are rejecting me coz I now have a status of rejected COE. I just want to know if it’s still possible to get one even if I have it on my record.

One school said they can’t take my application because my aunt is my sponsor and i’ve been to japan many times so it will look like i am just trying to be with them. In all honesty, my aunt lives in fukushima and thats very far and I don’t want to stay with her coz there are no langugage school near their area.

Did anyone have this problem too?Please let me know. Thank you!


6 Jun 2006
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If you check the immigration website you will find that you must wait six months before applying for the same type of status.

You would be better waiting seven months from the date of last application, but it still does not mean you will be successful.

Uncle Frank

21 May 2003
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Pudding.....this post is a couple years old so no chance of getting a reply probably.
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