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Clothing Companies in Japan


10 Mar 2003
As some of you might know, I'm trying to get myself to Japan next summer, to do a traineeship project that is a part of my studies. I'm studying clothing&fashion in a polytechnic school, and i should graduate in spring 2005. I've had some information about some companies through different sources, and i've allready even sent some applications. I'm going to send some more though, and now, i need some help.

So, if you have any information about the companies i'll list below (web address,what are they like, what do they do, what's your personal opinion about them, anything...), or know some other companies, please, e-mail me at [email protected], or just send me a pm. Companies that are japanese, or companies that function in Japan, as clothing agents and such...any info upreciated :)

-GAP Press, Gap Japan Co. Ltd --> Tokyo, Japan
-Gifu Mohi KK, Gifu (women's and children's clothing wholesale trade)
-Gunze KK, Osaka
-Kawashima Orimono KK, Kyoto
-Kowa KK, Kyoto (Japanese style apparel manufacturing, women's and girls' clothing manufacturing)
-Kushitani KK, Shizuoka (miscellaneous textile apparel and accessories manufacturing)
-Yahagi Sangyo KK, Yamagata (miscellaneous textile...)
-Yamaya Sangyo KK, Ishikawa (miscellaneous textile...)
-Dainichi KK, Shiga (miscellaneous textile...)

Maybe U know or could find out....

Does anyone take real silk material used for kimonos and make modern clothing?? Perhaps it would be to expensive or the designs to odd ??
Don't mean to answer your question with a question, but you are in the know about these things. Thanks !!


Well I don't know the actual answer to this one, but I could guess some reasons...One of them might exactly be the price. Kimono fabrics are _very_ expensive and fine, and if it's used for modern or western type clothing, it might be very hard to find buyers for clothes that are so valuable.People might really like the clothes, but the price would propably scare them off. The design isn't odd, but the japanese style and illustrations is an coming and going thing in the fashion business...in a way that's good, it also protects the style from too much commercialism. I like the style though, all the time.. ;)
Then of course it might be a respect issue too. I would feel a bit "rude" to take traditional kimono fabrics and use them for something else...it's a good idea though, but i don't know what the actual fabric manufacturers would think about it? They make the fabrics with traditional ways, for traditional use, and it takes a long long time...maybe they don't want to see their work ending up in one season clothing..? I'm just guessing.
Some top designers, who have good possibilities to do allmost anything they want, might have done something, for some collections. I don't know though if they've really used that real kimono material, but I think that for example Jean-Peal Gaultier and John Galliano have had some collections that have some japanese and chinese influences in them...
This wasn't much of help, just my own thoughts, but, it's something.. :)
Originally posted by budd
this gunze?

Yes! Those are the ones. I actually had the web address for Gunze, not for Kawashima, so thank you!. I tried to look web addresses for the other ones too, but couldn't find any.
Right now i'd actually reallly want to know more about Gap Press Japan..it's a trend agency, reporting about current trends and collections etc, so i don't mean the clothing shop called Gap. So _anyone_ with _any_ info, i really upreciate some help.
hm. trend reporting?
i'll keep working on it, but let me know if this is (or isn't) it... it's cool. i'll keep trying
"gap press" in katakana wasn't doing a thing though
You're beeing so helpful Budd, Thank you!! :)

I _think_ it's the one I mean, but I can't be totally sure, because the pages are entirely in japanese, and first of all, this computer doesn't support hiraganas etc, and i can't install them here...
Could you help me a little bit more, if you can? I have an address for Gap, so if the same address would be on the web page, then i would definetly know it's the same one :
Gap Press, Gap Japan Co. ltd, 3-10-7 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo

I tried to look for some hints from the pages, it seems to be the one, but i can't be 100% sure. But thank you a thousand times Budd!!
I'm also a uniqlo man :D

I used to make and update the site for Abahouse, they have many branch off brands within the company umbrella so it might be worth checking them out.

Off my head, I'd say that Bape (bathing ape), bettys blue & hysteric glamour are both still very popular. I'm a bit out of touch now, and I forget where the abahouse office is. send me an email and if I find out I'll send you a reply.

Obvoiusly the places to go are Harajuku and Shiubya to find unique stuff. Shinjuku will have all the big stores, and in aforementioned areas the large station buildings have mega malls inside with most chain brands (like hysteric glamour) It's all ladies fashion btw... mostly. Another place to check on your intenary is LaForet in Harajuku.

hope this helps, can probably get you in touch with Abahouse.
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