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12 Jul 2003
I order my class ring awile ago. I can;t wait to get it. I got one of the speciality stoones, Lapis. The only reason I got that particular stone is one of my favorite songs is Lapis Prologue by Gackt. It's like having Gackt on my class ring! lol....most people find this reason so strange or at least funny. but...everyone has to love gackt!
The lady from the University bookstore tried to pawn one off one on me during Gradfest last week when I went to pick up my cap, gown, and hood. I dunno... I have never been much for wearing jewelry myself (although some guys can pull it off without looking tacky). I did decide to splurge a little bit though, so I bought myself a University frame to show off my degree when I eventually hang it on the wall in my office. The "Master's Classic", it's a beautiful Mahogany matted frame complete with real Gold trim and a Satin finish. Only cost me a $115 after the discount lol.
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I always buy the class ring from every school I graduate though I dont really wear it. I'm not much of a jewelry fan. I do like my highschool ring though. It has a puple stone with 4 diamonds around it. I have one side of the ring engraved with a dragon and the other with a moon and star. On the inside they have my signature. It cost me $460 I know I'm crazy to spend that much so I should be wearing my ring.
I feel kinda bad b/c I'm not paying for the ring, my dad is. I like to pay for things myself. ^___^ but i dun have a job so......-_-
I'm from Germany, never heard of class rings. What's it about? Just a souvenir of the school where you graduated, or is there a deeper meaning?
Pretty much just a souvenir for the most part. Usually has an inscription along with the class year engraved on it. In addition, the stone set in the center usually corresponds to the birthstone for your given month. I think they look pretty tacky myself but some people like their appeal. 8-p An example below taken from danielsjewelers.com:


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Thanks for the info, Iron.
Don't think I would have spent money for something like that. Brrr.
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