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Citizenship Issues ??


29 Jun 2003
Hello eveyone, am really happy to join the community, came across this site after alot of searching :).
Ok here goes , i am JAPANESE woman,i've been dating a foreigner (INDIAN) for almost three years now , both are studying in the US at the moment, we are plannin to get married , i wanted to know if anyone can guide me or give me information about my citizenship after marriage what choices do i have for me for my future Husband our children will really appreciate the info , thanks in advance!!
I am not sure about Indian laws on citizenship and immigration.
In Japan, once you are married, your husband can stay in Japan with a spouse visa, and would be eligible for a permanent visa after 5 years. After that, he could choose to become Japanese.

However, it's important to know that neither Japan or India accept dual-nationality, which means if you take on the Indian nationality, you are no more Japanese and if your husband chooses to become Japanese, he loses his Indian nationality.

Children normally have both nationality until the age of 18 (or 20 in Japan ?), t which time they must choose one.

Have you ever been to India ? Where do you intend to live ?

Another good thing to know is that if you have children born in the US, they would be eligibile for 3 nationalities : Indian, Japanese and American, as anybody born in the States can become American.

If you plan to live in the States, then marriage doesn't help any of you to stay there, but it might be easier to get American citizenship than Japanese or Indian ones.
thanks just one more query !!

Thanks for the reply , at present my boyfriend has graduated and is on the lookout for a job, i will grduate next year, if either of us get a job we will be staying here in the states, else we would have to decide were do we plan to settle, i have another question
Would my boyfriend have to change his family name to mine incase
1)he decides to get a spouse Visa or
2)later if he gets the permanent visa after 5 years or
3) If he becomes a japanese ,
am not sure but someone told be about it ?? thankyou so much for the information its going to makes things clear for both of us for the future.
No ! In any case, a man never has to change his family name after marrying. I think even if he wants that is not possible. But you can take his name if you get married.

People taking up Japanese nationality can take a more Japanese name, but it is not compulsory.
THANKS :) !!

Thankyou so much Maciamo, the information is very useful, do wish us both luck, take care, by the way which part of Japan are you from ??
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