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10 Aug 2003
I am considering doing of one of those stay with a host family and take Japanese classes in Japan things. I have a choice on which city I'd like to stay in. I'm still not sure on when I want to do this and everything but I like to find all all the necessary information beforehand. I figure I should describe myself to give the idea of what I'm like. I like a lot of punk rock so naturally I dress oddly, and I'd like to go to some Japanese punk concerts (the more hardcore kind, not pop-punk crap). I'm pretty liberal, and I like city type places and I like nature too. I like a place with an endless supply of interesting knew thigns to see or do. I am really looking for a place that is more open to foreigners. I plan to try and make a lot of friends and talk to people. I figure that is the best and really the only way to learn the language. So if anyone could tell me about these type of things I would really appriciate that. Thank you.

Also if anyone knows any really good companies (cheap!) that do a good job, please inform me, I already know of www.twoworldsunited.com and they seem to be pretty good.
Do you really want a host family? When I say that, I mean how far are you willing to dedicate yourself to being a member of someone's family? It sounds like you want to come to Japan, hit the punk scene, hang out with a lot of people and have a good time. All of which you will have time to do. The question is, will you have time for a host family?

I don't mean to insult you, I'm sure you are a nice person, but staying with a host family is a responsibility, not just a place to get room in board. You will have to spend time with them, meet their family, and adhere to their house rules. Ie, they might not want you out at 4am. If you do the host family thing, you need to respect the fact that they are opening their home to you. You have a great chance while in Japan to experince a new way of life, not recreate your own simply in a new place. You might have to tone down the dress, come home earlier and stay away from the more chemical side of life (I'm not accusing you, just tellin' it like it is).

That said, it is possible to have a wonderful time, meet people, and party while staying with a host family. They are another part of the equation of how you divide up your time in Japan and how you approach say, planning a night on the town. They could turn out to be the most rewarding part of your trip, for it is in a host family that you get a real taste of the day to day of life in Japan. You can also make a wonderful bond that can last a life time. But it take work.

Sure, the family will want to get to know you as you, and unless they are really dense, they will get to see you through the punk exterior. However, you need to meet them half way. My point is that a host family takes work and compromise, just like in any relationship. Depending on how you see your time in Japan being spent, you might want to look into more independent-living based programs.

As for which city you should try for? It has been my experience thathaving a nightlife and natural wonders at your doorstep is kind of hard in Japan. Maybe some other folk can chime in.

Good luck :)
*agrees* it's like that for real... last week i messed around and tried to stay at Fukudaya Hotel so i could see Jeff Mills at WOMB, but the landlady was like "DAMEY!" so that was $60 for nothin
i could have just stayed in Taito-ku from the get :( :( :(
I have to agree with Mandylion. When living with a host family you are a member of that family and you have a responsibility. That means abiding by their rules, not yours. I did a home-stay for about three months and I was very much expected to spend "family" time with them.
I think if you have spent a lot of time living outside a family (basically college life) then it is kind of hard to get back into the routine of being a family member.... its not like your visiting for two weeks. You must LIVE with this family. Many people have had great host families, but the good experiences come from their ability to up-hold their part of the deal by being a member of that family.
Well yes, i understand this, but that still doesn't mean I shouldn't look for some family that would suit me best, it would help the both of us.

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