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12 Aug 2013
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Hey everyone!
My name's Steven and I'm a 19 y/o currently living in England.
I am currently in the process of saving up in order to venture off to the land of Japan by next Summer (darn wanderlust has taken over me!) and registered to this site so I could have an opportunity to communicate (and ultimately, make friends with) people who are currently living in Japan or is aspiring to visit Japan, so if this applies to you then definitely hit me up! :D

A little bit about myself (optional reading):
My whole family was born in Hong Kong but I was the only member to be born in England. I have been to Hong Kong many times, but I'd ditch that place any day in order to go to Japan.
My oldest brother is your typical otaku, obsessed with games, manga, anime and anything Japan related. As a result, he has slowly converted me over and now my obsession is at a point where it's one of my aspirations to see for myself what Japan is like.
I play Rugby for Warwickshire County but am currently out of action because of a bad ankle injury :(
I am very much into my music, I love attending festivals and gigs and I wish I could play the guitar but my musical talents only extends as far as singing (and only in the comfort of my shower!).

As I said earlier, I wish to make many friends here regardless of age, gender and location, especially if you are looking to visit Japan or are open to tour me around! So yes, I'll be in your care now guys, please don't hesitate to talk to me! 👍
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