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CIA involvement in Japan


9 Jul 2003
I was wondering what people knew of CIA or other US interference in Japan's political system.

There has been, for example, for years and years the US (and I can't remember if this was through the CIA) having funded Japan's LDP (Liberal Democratic Party). (Is that right? The one that was in power for years and years and years)
Thus rendering Japan a de facto one party state.

This to me, is utter hypocracy on the part of the US, my home country. The US constantly talks about elections when it comes to democracy. Parties within the US criticize other parties, rightfully so, within the US for accepting monies from outside the country.

Anybody else on this or any other previous or current covert involvement?
I'm not sure about your specific query, but I do know that the CIA is responsible for 90% of the strife in this world. Assasinating leaders and replacing them with dictators is a just a little hobby for them.

[mini rant over]
Here's some info on such

ok. I've gone and done my homework.
Some of this I have read before, but
was looking to see if anybody else had anything

Chalmers Johnson on US Covert Support for the LDP

on another BB this person has some links
TAE (Aug 23 2002 - 09:05)
I think most of this guy's links are also below, but the discussion it is in might be interesting to some.

They're also the matter that the
CIA was used for economic espionage in Japan.
But this is supposed to have subsided.
This and US Cover Support for the LDP my
Sensei seemed to know about already when I mentioned it to her.

This link didn't work at the time, but maybe it
will for you. None of the Tokyo Observer links seems to be working for me.

Tokyo Observer 13.
which is linked from this page

One more for good humor
the National Security Archives
which publishes declassified documents
@ George Washington University

Have fun...

PSedit / rant
one more I thought I'd add and the good research site it's on
"Kodama Yoshio (1911-1984), probably the CIA's chief asset in Japan."
If memory serves me correctly, he someone who worked for the Japanese WW2 gov on either chem or bioweapons? And was spared a war crimes tribunal by coming to work for the US.
Similar otherwise to be war criminals that were NAZIs came to work for the US as well. The CIA's predecessor agency helped them escape persecution.

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US propagandizing Japanese public....
this is following the lead in Chalmers article in above post, 3rd paragraph. Something called:
"Panel-D-Japan: Amerika tai-Nichi senno kosaku no zenbo" [Panel-D-Japan: The Complete Story of America's Brainwashing Operations Against Japan]

Here's a link I found on Panel-D-Japan.
The page is in Japanese and I can't read that well, names for sure, so I don't know if this is the exact same as above. Currently using babbelfish to cheat with. heehe.

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