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14 Mar 2002
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Feeling lonely during christmas? Do as this Japanese dude: you can bid on spending christmas eve with him in case you're female and between 18 and 40 years of age. He offers you to spend two days and one night with him, wine and spaghetti pomodoro are provided. Oh, and he suffers from anthropophobia.

=> page4.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/d24582356

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Hm, unfortunately the auction has been taken down. Probably it was too "popular". I should have saved the guy's pic.
What the bum is anthropophobia? Fear of people? Only small children scare the brown stuff out of me. As is always the case when you encounter your intellectual superiors. They see the world very clearly, and therefore have no need to use words like anthropophobia. . .

Why use big words to intimidate people when you can just stare at them . . . brrr. . .
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Well, "anthropophobia" is the word the guy used in his description. I would have called it "timidity" (timidness?).

The reason this guys auction was taken down is because its against all auction sites policy to sell yourself in whatever form.. <laughs>

Maybe I'm taking this too seriously but I think its really sad that someone has to go to these lengths to have someone to spend Xmas with.. I mean, I have no one romantically, but I've got my family which is just as good. And surely if this guy has anthrophobia he's not going to be the best of company anyway - anthrophobia is a fear of people!
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Well, some people would do everything for a bottle of red wine and spaghetti, lol.
ooo red wine and spaghetti...lol beer and pizza. Some people need to get out more...lol
lolol, a fear of people??? lolol, that poor sad man!!! hey but his spaghetti sounded real good (hahaha)
Some moron tried selling his ex-girlfriend on ebay UK - there were about a hundred bids before it got taken down. Makes you wonder. . .
there was one site that was taking a bid to have this muscular guy come over to your place to beat the crap out of you...don't remember the link, but it was funny... :D
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