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Ldy Yakuza

22 Jun 2003
hey! nice to meet y`all, my name is Ldy Yakuza. I`m a 20yr old, 2nd Generation Japanese-American born and raised in California. I just recently moved to Japan on business on a 3yr contract, so i`m trying to soak up as much culture and be with my family as much as possible. This site is great because even though i`ve been raised to be Japanese, some things still confuse me, so now i have somewhere i can go with my questions. And on the flip side, i might be of some assistance to those who have questions about Japan and its customs..

so.. Hajimemashitte, yoroshiku!
Ja ne!

Hello Ldy !
Welcome aboard !

Are you half Japanese-American or 100% Japanese but whose (grand)parents came to the States ?

Did you have the opportunity to learn and speak Japanese in your family in the US ?
Thanks for the warm welcome..
I am full-blooded Japanese.. my parents came to the States from Japan about 25 years ago..
Though I`ve been told that i`m 2nd generation because my parents came first, i`ve also been told that i`m 1st.. so..
And both my parents spoke almost all Japanese to me, but i always replied in English.. so my understanding is much better than my speaking...
Welcome lady...
I'm also learning japanese here...
if you like to give a help add my msn anton_xie[at]hotmail.com
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