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Chobits or Fruits Basket

Chobits or Fruits Backet

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27 Oct 2003
wich anime serie was better, chobits or fruits basket :)

I love them both :D :D, but i think chobits was just another level :) so i vote chobits ! :)
Chobits was much better! has a more original and dynamic storyline.
didn't really like Fruits Basket...
shame :) becuase i think fruits basket was also original in his own way :)
But i must agree with you, chobits was better :D
:D hehe :D
Funny how different people can think !
Nice reply's all :) i was afriad no one would vote for fruits basket :D

Ciao ciao 🙂,
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Fruits Baskeeeeeettttt~!!! I love both but still prefer Fruits Basket coz it makes me cry and laugh like mad all at the same time.. Very touching and sweet plot!
no i saw them all the last ep just didnt make sense to me

But the anime shows only the first season.. The ending might seems a little confusing if you had not read the manga maybe.. Maybe that's why it didn't make sense..

Hmm, although I much prefer Fruits Basket, Chobits seems to be the one targeting at a wider range of audience.. Fruits Basket was originally meant to target at primary school gals in Japan so maybe that's why guys might not share the same opinion.. *sigh* I am just a ****** for those sweet sobby plots with lotsa ansty.. 😊 Just glad I am not the only one who think Fruits Basket is better.. ^^"n
SanQ~ 😌 love Fruits Basket, so I hope to influence others who haven't seen the anime to see it.. :devilish: It's an anime that's both funny and sad at the same time... one of the nicer ones around.

Actually, I managed to soak both my sleeves and had stomach cramps (from laughing too much) when I watched it. (shh, shh). I thought I was the only baka who does that until much later my friend admitted she did just that too. The ending really does confuse esp. towards the last few episodes where Kyo changed into a monster and stuff, but all that was later explained in the manga series. So for those who love the anime but can't really comprehend the last few episodes, read the manga instead! ^__~ Drawings style is slightly different from the anime (after all, it's colorless manga..), but from what I know, the manga already releases information on all the 12 (13) animal signs and includes much more information than the anime. As for the full story.. embarrassed to say I am "forced" to temporary "stop" collecting the newer vols coz I spent my last of my miserable $ on buying my yaoi manga.. :eek: So have to "leech" on my friend and get her to tell me parts here and there.

Not really into CLAMPS stuff, but Chobits and Cardcaptor Sakura are probably one of their works that are more to my taste. But then again, if I am a guy, most likely I will prefer Chobits to Fruits Basket coz in my opinion, it seems that Chobits is meant to target male audiences more... (just my personal opinion ^" ^;n )

i vote for chobits all the way! chi is by far the greatest character ever!!
shannon:) 😄
W00T! 11th vote lol :)
But ya i vote chobits, although i admit i havn't seen all the episodes, i found it to be very funny and sad at the same time. It certainly ranks up there on my list of best animes (that ive seen). Chii is by far one of the cutest anime girls I've seen :p
For me, the cutest anime girls would have to be :

1)Chiyo-Chan from Azumanga Daioh (how the hell can you NOT FRICKEN SAY SHE'S NOT CUTE?!?!?)

2)Sakura from Cardcaptor Sakura (yeah..!)

3)Chii (Pantsu, pantsu, pantsu, pantsu, pantsu Ah! Pantsu!)

Seriously, someone who wants to see cute, please watch azumanga daioh!



a! (can't put the hiragana thing for a... )
Unlike most guys, I chose FB. Both are good, and it's probably only because the last one of the two I've watched lately was Fruits Basket. But I like my shojou every now and then too.
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