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Chit-chat post not counted anymore.


17 Jul 2002
From now on, posts in the chit-chat, j-bot (closed anyway) and humour section will not be counted in the total number of posts for the ranks.

I was wondering if I should extend this to all the member lounge, but I decided against it, as there are interesting topics (especially in the "opinion" forum) which are as worthy to be counted, if not more, than some J-related subjects.

Please write your feedback here.
Any Luck Yet On.....

getting E-Mail notification back? I hate leaving the Forum for fear of missing something(I know, I need a life!).

Oh Oh, I Need Viagra !!!

My post number just shrank conciderably!! You've cut my manhood in half!!

:D :p 😊 :( :mad:

Thanks for the quick service on E-Mail problem. Do new servers come with an operators manual, it sure must be thick! It's amazing how many things you can do with this new system!!


No the server doesn't come with a viagra manual.


2am again, must be tired...

You were saying ? Ah, yes, well no, there is no manual, but we boughta big book. Anyway, this isn't the new server, but the new forum version (vBulletin 3). :p
well if the posts for the j-bot forum dont count towards anything and the forum's closed then whats the point of keeping it around?
lol i was expecting loose alot more posts than i did from that. :p
anyway since chit chats posts dont count i think there's certain threads in anime/manga that need this sort of attention.
jeisan said:
anyway since chit chats posts dont count i think there's certain threads in anime/manga that need this sort of attention.

I think so too, since some people were having 20 post/day averages due to those threads. I think saying "*sweatdrop*" every other line is even more trivial than a lot of what goes on in the Chit Chat section...
not the whole of anime/manga though because there are valid threads/dicussions in there. just certain threads that maybe can be moved to chit chat or something. ill even do the moving if this is acceptable.
Yeah, I don't want to include all the anime/manga section. Just certain *coughrpgcough* threads...
It is not possible to decide thread by thread which is counted or not. Threads that you judge should be in the chit-chat section can be moved, but don't overdo it. :p
I think it's a good move. I think mostly senseful stuff and Japanese related stuff should be counted toward post count.
Would It Really Be A Big Deal To Do Away With.......

counting posts all togeather?? It shouldn't be a reason for posting, just to bring your count up. Having titles with ranking and colors is fun, but it seems to create a type of caste system. Is the reason that forums track post numbers to attract advertising?? If we want to make the content of posts the most important object, why not do away with avatars & fancy signitures that distrack your eye when trying to read the posts?? If we want to make the forum a fun place that atracks members, then these things:avatars, sigs,smileies, etc. are needed. Let the post numbers rise into the millions, some people will care less and other will be ecstatic. I know rules are important to maintain order but too many or too complicated rules cause their own sort of chaos after a while.
I think we should remember in the end that members are the Forum's customers and the saying the customer is always right!

I think a post is a post and all posts should count.

Why do forums have rankings anyway? It seems to me that this feature was only introduced as an incentive for people to come back more often, in order to keep the forum active. I don't think we lack any activity so i think we can remove the ranking feature alltogether.
As you can see, I've designed new ranking icons, combining Japanese nobility titles (in kanji, so that people can practice at the same time :p ) and the judo/karate belts. I think this will bring colours and cheerfulness to the forums. Ranks are an incentive to posts for some people (if you don't care, some actually do), and it allows to see directly (especially with the colours) how active or "experienced" a user is. It adds credibility and give high ranking members a sort of "sempai" (senior, coach) feeling. You'll also notice that admins and mods had ranks on the "old forum", which has also changed as they are more than just "sempai", but really there to counsel new members and make the forum convivial as possible. It's also easier with the new icons to see who is admin or mod if a user has a question or request.
Diappointment...on the rebound.

I was quite disappointed that I had been demoted from count to baron... :(

However, I put it this way: I have been taken off a cholesterol-laden diet of chit-chat, and put on a "healthy diet" of conscious-posting. It's better than Atkins! (Even though I really ignore the low-carb trends and go my own way.) 😌

Regardless, I take it as beneficial, and seize the opportunity to talk about other, more substancial issues. Kudos, Maciamo-sama. 👍
I Think We Need A .....

comic-relief post credit. For us brainless people who can't come up with substantial posting idea, we get 2 post points for a funny reply to someone else's good post.


Its just a post count. It doesnt really bestow the poster the said title under their name. Its not that important.
I've Been Impotent Since I Lost My Count!!!

My wife may divorce me if I can't get it up, my post ammount that is !!

:D :p 👍 😊


Frank D. White said:
counting posts all togeather?? It shouldn't be a reason for posting, just to bring your count up. Having titles with ranking and colors is fun, but it seems to create a type of caste system.


OMG!! We'll still make a Socialist out of you Frank. :giggle:

Anyway, I don't agree in trimming down post counts. If needed, do a trimm of the posts older than... 6 months, for instance, leaving or archiving the most interesting ones.

If people aren't happy with the current post counting for establishing member status, why not go for a "karma" type of post voting? If the topic is interesting, the poster would get a karma boost, while if he/she was just trying to post for the sake of posting, would get a karma drain.
I don't know if this is easily implemented or if it is worth it, but I'll leave this idea here.
I Don't Quite Know How It Works , But...

there is some kind of points thing already. You click on the thing in the top right corner of the post and it awards points. I thing Maciamo explained in one of his posts.

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