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China's rover will land on Mars in 2020

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4 Mar 2016
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Based on an estimate, China's rover will land on Mars in 2020. The China's Mars rover is similar to a butterfly with four solar "wings" extending around the central body. It will weigh about 440 pounds (200 kilograms). Compare that with NASA's Curiosity rover at nearly 2,000 pounds (900 kilograms). China's rover will be closer in design to NASA's earlier and smaller rovers, Spirit and Opportunity, but with a high performance.
Details are scarce, but based on some informal information, China's rover is intended to spend three Martian months exploring an area in Mars' northern hemisphere.
A public competition to name the rover is under way, but it is not unexpectable to be called " butterfly." The china's lunar rover, which landed on the moon in 2013, was called " Jade rabbit" so due to the shape of the new machine it is a real possibility that China choose the name of butterfly for it.

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