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China is coming for us! No! You misspelled AMERICA!

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Mark of Zorro

4 Oct 2012
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As for WWIII , I believe it will start with China. They have billions to spend on building their military/Navy/Airforce and are opening bases around the world. It may take a few years , but they want to become the number one super power in the world and have the money to do it.

Okay, straight up this post must have been written in 1955 and A-M-E-R-I-C-A was misspelled as China. Its just so hard to fathom that anyone could believe the above. Do you?

The U.S. govt outspends China on the military by 5 times, and America is equal to the entire rest of the world...every country on Earth, including allies and frenemies.....Russia, France, the U.K, China, Japan....EVERYBODY else.

And U.S. military bases? Everywhere. Military excursions? EVERYWHERE!

And why? Who is threatening America? Big oceans on either side and allies north and south! China is literally surrounded by rivals! Of COURSE they spend on defense! They actually have a legit claim to!


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So succinct. So true. So damned embarrassing to me as an American.


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