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China blocks Google, Geocities

Greek govt bans all computer games

But what does the European Union do ? They should intervene. This decision is against individual liberties and common good sense.
What a joke. I can see that gambling is a problem but it is the peoples' money though.

What's next? Ban MicroSoft because people can't use their time efficently? Window's solitare is the biggest economic resource hog it isn't funny!

Hey, All countries should Ban games then Ban M$ Windows and become world saviors!
Either the article's a fake, or it's a prank, or - with all due respect - the deputees had too much retsina.

I'm sure it contravenes EU law.
Providers in China are responsible for actions made though their services.

I have been trying with a Chinese employee to get my sites listed in China. Trying some 1-200 linking options less 10 were successful.

( But I was not very successful in Japan too).

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