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Chile's Anita-san


15 Apr 2002
An Chiliean lady Anita is being prosecuted by a local government for her husbands presents to her.

Her husband embezeled 14 oku en (about US $14 million). He gave her about half and keep the rest for himself. His Chiliean wife took the money and moved back to Chile were she built 2 houses, hospitals, and a restuarant business. She also started in a movie with her husband's money.

Poor guy stole money for her and he get's thrown along the roadside for being an old jiji. While Anita is living it up and enjoying all the media coverage from Japan and in her home country.

Did she love her husband. Nope, she loved his money.

The story sounds like one of these odd cases presented during legal exams, lol. Whatever the outcome, it'll be a fat meal for all lawyers involved.
Well, so far the media in Santiago are having a blast with this whole case.
aaahh!!! poor sweet lady,lolol:D

yah right, if my husband sent me millions of dallors I would want to know where and why he received it,, I bet she knew all along:eek: hehe
hehe, I bet she did.
She was also boasting about wanting to find another rich man.
lolol give me a woman that doesnt want a rich man haha😌

but as the "beatles" said "money cant buy me love" but as Debs said "it would help" kidding of course, haha🙂


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Yeah saw it on TV.

lololo ... she needs to make back all the money she is going to be loosing. I do believe that she sold her house too.
Really now?

She's taking voice lessons and is planning on releasing a CD too.

Apparently, the wine is drinkable according to the news.
I think she looks alot older than 29,lol:D sorry,,, just my opinion🙂 as for her singing career(hehe) I wish her all the best for the future:clap:
If I where Anita-san I would pay someone else to be responsable, and I'd spend my time having good old fashioned FUN lol😄
Ignorance of the law is still an offence in the States.
Hmmm, she married a guy and didn't realize what his income was?

come come come now. If she's soooo smart she would at least have realized that her boy wasn't a very rich man.

Although, I do wish her luck with the money she's made since becoming famous.

"ho cakes" ho ho ho :p
anita alvarado, is very popular in chile, she is out her music cd, only cumbias, and bonus track in nippon language, and the album will call:``la geisha''

mata ne!!!!!!!!!

ain`t colombian, i`m chilean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
ahhh now I must have veiwed Anita without glasses before,lol she actually looks very nice, and a lady hitting 30 years old,, hmm she seems to be holding up quite well:clap:
Has anyone here heard her C.D.??? Maybe ETERNAL???
I wonder if she can actually sing??🙂
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