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Children's Kanji


27 May 2002
Recently, Ive been practicing kanji out of the book "Easy Kanji" and I've been having some trouble learning the material effectively. I think it's because it just gives lessons in lists of characters (5 each lession) with their different readings and tells you to practice them. I want to try something different and more effective.

Can anyone please help me learn kanji as if I were a young child growing up in Japan.I'm thinking that would be: characters in lessons that are grouped by use rather than radicals. and starting out very simple and moving on to more complex ones.

Your help would be greatly appreciated. Also, if you don't understand exactly what I'm asking for please ask.
At school, the way we learn them is by doing them simultaneously with other grammer textbooks. The textbooks were created by some Japanese company, but the kanji workbooks by the University that corresponds to the grammer textbooks. That way, in the very beginning, when you learn "I will go to school" from the grammer textbook, at the same time, the kanji workbook will have the kanji for 'I' (watashi) and 'go.' The kanjis for school is learned a bit later since it's a bit more complicated and will work better to go with other lessons. But 'I' and 'go' are very common vocab so you write them a lot and learn them pretty easily.
It's effective when you have to use them.
If you're interested in actual Japanese textbooks, I'd recommend beginning with Mitsumura and Kobun Shoin Publishing for elementary-level story/exercise materials as well as teachers guides and moving up from there. And just ask if you need any help ordering....;)


Hi, im new in this but recently i've found a book "Read Japanese Today" by Len Walsh (some dude put this in pdf and it is available in e2k) . It explains lot of kanjis and it's easy to keep track of them. The author tries to explain the ancient origin of each kanji so u can rembemer them quite easy. Maybe this can help you!
here is the link of the book
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