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28 Nov 2003
I'm a big fan of this group...since their single with m-flo(even before)"astrosexy"which was definitly great and moving,another of their fabolous single ,i will say "now and never"...if you don"t know them go find their album...or their single ,because they give new and fresh blood to j-pop,who was a bit lost with all the newcomers without talent :)

Bye ,it's time for me to go working,sleeping:);)
Actually, they've been around for a few years already.

I don't they're that special, since they're only doing R&B and currently the scene is flooded with R&B boybands.
In fact you're quite true,but for me this is thanks to m-flo that now ,they do something better than the other rnb boysbands as you said...
But just another question tell me all these rnb boysbands,because i don"t see a lot of it ...on this bye :)
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