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Hello there!

I am a Japanese woman living in Sweden. My husband is a Swede...last night, we thought it would be fun to make a website about Japan. He visited Japan twice, stayed 2 months totally. He saw many cultural kinds of stuff, people, cities and nature.

So, we made the site.👏


There is a photo album, essay, guest book and message board. We will have some more contents, for example, about food (including recipe), education...and things that people want to know about! We will work quite hard to make a good site.

Please visit and have fun with us!!

Thank you 🙂

The food in the photo is my favourite Japanese food OKONOMIYAKI!

That's a nice little site...
I hope to make a little site like that some day about my experiences!
Ah.... some of your pics remind me *sooo* much of my time in Japan!😄
Mmmmm..... OKONOMIYAKI!....
that's my favourite too!

Thank you for visiting our site!
We have more photo from Japan. So will update them on the photo album.

OKONOMIYAKI is almost like a pancake. It has vegetable, meat (ham), seafood and some things inside. You have a special sauce on top of it.

It's very yummy! Especially, if you visit OSAKA or HIROSHIMA in Japan, you will see a lot of OKONOMIYAKI restaurants. In Hiroshima, you will have noodle inside OKONOMIYAKI also.

Very nice site Makura-san, thnx for sharing. Btw, I too love Okonomiyaki (extra sauce plus mayo). 8-p
Nice job on the website! If you are japanese then maybe you can answer a question which I have just been reminded of. Concerning "borrowed words" like home page = ニ築ツーニ停ぎニ馳ツーニ淡ツ coffee = ニ坦ツーニ智ツーツ and so on ... All foerign words appear in katakana ... yet tabacco is in hiragana 窶堋ス窶堙寂?堋アツ ... I hope Japan are not claiming that tabbaco is a japanese word and discovery.
Someone please correct me if I'n wrong ;)

Apparently tobacco was first cultivated in Nagasaki in the early 1600's . The word 窶堋ス窶堙寂?堋アツ comes from the Portuguese and Spanish word.

Much later, during the Meiji period, when cigarettes arrived and became popular, the word tabako was used - tabacco was introduced such a long time ago it was adopted as their own.
No, Salaryman they don't go around proudly declaring tabacco as their own discovery, just it had been in Japan for such a long time it was accepted by the people as Japanese.

a bit like potatoes - came from the Americas during the 17th century, but are now accepted as Japanese crops.
i panicked for a second

i want to try okonomiyaki so bad!
anybody got pictures of osakans in the dotonburi? i'm looking
edit: because i went to the top link -- you know if'n i don't see nothing at least loading i get paranoid :)
Nice site and I loved the pictures.

At times you might want to reign in your generalizations. You have a great site and it would be sad to see people put off by some of your bolder claims

"Thinking that most Americans are lazy, fat, stupid,etc. well look at their president, there you have there ideal American, and he is an idiot. The worst part is that America has some very smart people too, prob. mostly immigrants from Asia and Europe, hehe."

- Whoa...

"English are more civil, they want peace and quiet, working hard if they have to ( and only if they have to ). "

It is hard to convey humor and suggestion in cyberspace. It is important to express your opinions, but even people who agree with you might be put-off by your tone.

Keep up the nice work -M
I understand that.


Hello. Thank you for your opinion. I understand that. I didn't like that part which my husband wrote about America and American people. But, it's my husband's opinion....and he doesn't mean that all people in America are stupid.

It's hard to make website really. People wants to express what they feel and think on their private home page. But, some people doesn't like what they wrote. So, if we delete what people doesn't like....then, perhaps it would be very bored, because everything you see on the home page has just ordinary stuff.

American persident and government criticise other countries and people. very much. They don't listen what other coutry say....they do because they just want to...always want to start war in many countires....always violence. You always see guns in American movies....kill people very easily, like they kill mosquitos. They look like they don't want to make any peace with other counties......my husband is very upset about that.

But, anyway....our home page is not about America....about Japan. Perhaps, we shouldn't had to write about that. We will think about that essay.

Thank you again.
Yeah, well. That is my biggest gripe about America too and I'm American. Too violent, killing innocent people for oil, etc., but despite what people think, people don't go around killing each other "like mosquitoes" here. There is a lot of violence here, but it depends on where you are. If you're in a rural part of the country, you likely won't see that kind of violence. In fact, it's quite nice and peaceful where I live.

Also, not all Americans are violent. Some of us don't agree with the president at all. In fact, some of us are just as peace-loving as any German, French, Japanese, or Swede...

I do think you have a nice site, though. I used to love okonomiyaki, but since have gotten tired of it. I cooked it way too much... :eek: Now, my favorite is katsudon. I don't think I'll ever get tired of that... 😄
To: Kirei -na-me San

Yes, I know there are many American people who wants peace world, like we do. And I also know that there are many place which is nice in USA. I visited some places few years ago. I drove a car from Niagara falls to Boston twice....alone....it was nice to see some coutry side in USA. Once, I stayed at a small city. People were very nice. I didn't see any Asian people in the city, so perhaps they were curious at me. They talked to me and smiled at me....from young people to old people. I liked that very much!

You like Katsudon? Me, too! I've not cook that since I moved to Sweden....I will buy pork and make Katsudon in few days!!! (And Miso soup,too!!!)

Yes, you definitely need to make katsudon soon! It's so super oishii! I just made it a couple of days ago and it was so good. Another one of my favorites is tempura soba. I love soba! 🍜

Makura, is it easy to find Japanese products in Sweden? Do you have a store nearby? Since we live in a small country town, we have to order a lot of our ingredients online. The closest Japanese store is a 2 hour drive away! :(
I live in a quite big city in Sweden. There are several asian shops in central town. I have to take a tram to get there (about 20 minutes). They have TOFU, SOBA, UDON, SOY, Sushi vineger, NORI, WAKAME, and so on.....but, they don't have NATTO (my favorite) They don't have Japanese products enough.

I think it's good that you can order japanese products online. Is that expensive?
Hi Makura.

Yes, it is expensive to order stuff online. The cost of the products is high therefore, the shipping charge is high. Luckily, a new Asian store just opened about 35 miles from my town. It is not a Japanese store, but they carry many Japanese things. I went there a couple weeks ago and was able to get basic stuff like soba, nori, wakame, kikurage, shiitake, aburage, edamame, somen, etc. They had rice, but they didn't have the rice that I like. I had to get Kokuho Rose instead of Tamaki or Nishiki. The one thing they didn't have that I needed was kanpyo! I needed kanpyo! I have to have kanpyo for my futomaki! :(

Anyway, I'm happy you can get most things in your city. I would not be disappointed about the natto, because I don't like natto... :p I hope you can find it somewhere, though. ;)
My okonomi is much better because I detest both Nori and Shouga ... hmmm has anyone tried that liquid okonomi? I forgot the name as I have only eaten it once.
Yeah, your husband is entitled to his opinions and that is his private site. But, I must agree that those comments are not inviting and can be a turn off to your site eventhough it's about Japan. If it's about Japan, then why post negative comments about America?

I like okonomiyaki minus the ika.


Liquid Okonomiyaki is Monjyayaki. Monjyayaki is very popular in Tokyo.(Kantou area)


You could write message to my husband on the message board at http://book-i.net/lisbs_japan/
It would be better, because I don't know what to write.
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