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18 Jun 2003
Hi everyone! I would like to have some feedback on the pics i've posted... im a begginer photographer (with a Digital camera, cuz im not about to mess around with a SLR untill my eye is better adapted to good scenes), and I would also like to enter a contest... if any of these pics are appealing to you please say so! And if you have any feedback please dont hesitate to tell me!... You can post your feedback or comments in the 'comments' box... , or/and please rate my pics... and please be honest :) Tthanks!
Thanks for sharing your pictures with us, RockandRoll! I'm definitely looking forward to see more from you.

Just a little advice: next time please resize your images from desktop size (1024x768) to something like 600x400, as they are quite large in size.
Awesome pics! Good variety of locales and great clarity (especially in the Akihabara and Shinjuku backdrops). Looks to me like you definitely have a knack for it. :cool:
Greetings and welcome. Click on the "Gallery" tab just under the gray header at the top of the page. From there you'll be able to view all of our member submitted photos to date.
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