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Cheap Ways To Go To Japan

King of Tokyo

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7 Dec 2003
Any Ideas on cheap ways to go to japan ? Me and my friend have planned to go to japan soon, and we had it all planned out until we came to where we would have to stay when we went there.. does anyone know a good way to go to japan with accomodtaions on where to stay, like a program of some kind ? Arigatou maemotte..
Dress Warm !! Bring Oxygen !!

Hiding in the wheelwell of a JAL Flight is the only cheap way I've heard of. Be prepared to get poor service by the flight attendents and probably forgo the bag of peanuts!


So in other words I probably wont be going eh ? lol.. no one has any ideas on programs or ways I can get there without being rich ? lol
dont use the bullet train to get around and you'll save a fair bit. i travelled by normal train last time i was there and survived. sure it takes hours, but its cheap(er)! dont forget to look into other options of getting from A to B, as a bus or ferry etc may be cheaper.

the cheapest accomodation is staying with people that you know. if thats not an option i cant suggest anything else... if the plane fare is a problem, you could always sail there in a homemade boat.
Well thanks for atleast trying to help okaeri_man, that is a better idea I need to save as much money as I can, but our main problem is not knowing a way to stay there, because me and my friend plan on staying for a couple months, but we have no way of staying there that is affordable, i wish i knew someone who lives there, our best bet (this is a crazy idea i came up with lol) is that we are going to rent an apartment when we get there but that is still going to be alot of money but it is cheaper than a hotel (600,000 yen a month.. crazy !!) we still have a good amount of time before we are going so we can keep brainstorming ways ofcourse, but if anyone has any ideas or suggestions please tell me them, i am desperate, I would like to find a host family, but I dont know how to go about doing that... please if anyone has any ideas tell me !!
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