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Cheap VCD's?


3 Apr 2003
Okay, is it me or do I find prices for VCD's to be a little bit on the expensive side? What must it take for someone like me to enjoy my Japanese Dorama shows?! >o<
www.getvcds.com -- their prices are just incredible. I have a girl from HK currently staying at my home and she gets her J-Dorama VCD's for 5 USD. -.-" And even if I could fine sellers, a lot of them are in Singapore and that just doesn't do me any good. I have to get my stuff through HK Yahoo Auctions. >o<
Does anyone know where I can buy reasonable prices for just VCD's? I would really appreaciate it. ;_;
you might wanna check ebay, they have a lot of HK vcd/dvds there. but beware as most of what those places sell are bootleg copies so you will get what you pay for. sure an entire series for $30 sounds good but when the video quality fades in and out and theres little if any subtitles for episodes 26-31... you get the picture. but then again you could be fluent in japanese and not mind the quality. also most places ship from HK so youll have to pay 10-15 for shipping. another option is whenever your friend goes home you could give her some money to buy you vcds and send them over to you.
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