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Cheap Summer Accomodations in Yokohama


5 Apr 2003
Hello everyone!

I will be attending school in Sakuragicho, Yokohama this summer and have had a great deal of difficulty in finding a cheap place to live. I will be with my girlfriend and we are looking for a Guest Hoise/Gaijin House, Weekly mansion, basically anything cheap, and in-and-around that area. Does anyone have any suggestions? We are looking for something from about the first week of june to Aug. 20th or so. So a place with flexible contracts would be nice.

Any help would be appreciated.
thanks a lot guys

Looking as well for something cheap in/ around Yokohama from summer for about a year or longer. Guest houses seem to be pretty good and cheap, but I haven't found any in Yokohama area. I wonder how much you have to pay for a small private apartment.

btw. what kind of school is this you'll be attending?
I will be attending a Japanese-language summer program, hence the reason I only need accomodations for a few months. If you are a student going for a year, I know they have the student apartment building. Have you tried that?

If anyone has any ideas on temporary, cheap accomodations in Yokohama please let me know. Guest houses/gaijin houses/weekly mansions. anything would do. thank you!
I'm currious.
I also need to attent some lenguage course for I want to take on the JLPT1 this year in December. Some kind of advanced japanese course would be great. But all university preparation courses I've found so far are beyond my financial capabilities (all around 1.000.000 Yen/year). :auch:
Can you tell me a bit about this Japanese lenguage programm in Yokohama? Price?

If you're intending to stay only about 1 month, a homestay would be the best choice, although its not easy to arrange. Mostly it goes through private contacts. Ask friends/ people you know in Japan.

If this does not help, you can find some temporal stay until you find something better.
I know a youth hostel around 5min. away from sakuragicho station. Around 1500Yen/night , breakfast included, dormatory, not very comfortabe.

I will go this year in summer to Japan on the working holiday visa. I've already found a host family for the first month. Within this month I'll have to find another place where I can stay after my homestay.
I have an old homestay family that I could stay with from High School, unfortunately I am trying to find a place that my fiance could live at as well, hence me asking people on this forum for help. Thank you for your advice though.

As for the school, it is just a summer-language program run by the many language schools in and around Tokyo. I am not sure if it will be much help for ヒ?ェ窶ケ窶ー, and it is quite expensive.

If you are still interested, drop me a private note.

If in your preperations you run across a gaijin house or cheap apartment, please let me know. Thanks! take care,


ok.. forget the cheap.

How about any place, that is relatively not too expensive, can be rented for 3 months and doesn't mind having two people (a couple) etc.

hi there, I'm chinese male from canada looking for sharedroom around yokohama-kawasaki area. I'm an easy going person and not a smoker.i can pay up to 40,000-50,0000 yen per month.
let me know a.s.a.p 090-844-27128
Chinese Wingchun Kuen & WuZu Quan Kungfu lesson is available too!
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