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22 Apr 2003
I do not know whether the amount of traffic on the site would justify such a feature and I also don't have the faintest glimpse as to the kind of coding that would be involved, but I had a chat-like talk on a thread the other day and it made me wonder why there were no chat rooms on Japanreference...
This issue tops my infamous To-Do list. I was looking for software that could be fully integrated to the forum, so that existing members were able to use their current handles. Until now, I was not able to find a technically satisfactory solution. I promise to further investigate.

I think one JREF member maintained an IRC chatroom for a while, I'm not sure whether it's still active.
Hmmm... I was there once and I did meet the poor guy. I say poor guy because he was all alone in there.

My experiences with chats have been small, bad and at best, boring, so I would advise against it, but you could always use an applet to put the IRC channel embeded in a webpage. Perhaps there are better smooth solutions and perhaps Thomas can find a nice solution to it, that won't bring down anybody's server or PC.

sorry for reviving this old thread, but i figured why start a new one when one already exists?

thomas, vBXirc 2.5.2 is a good irc client for web browsers, it could give you that full integration you were talking about, and it would also allow other users to use their own clients to chat.
Yea if using IRC you would need to intergrate it with the website. I doubt whether people will go to the trouble of downloading it and setting it up just to see that there is no one to talk to :p
im just wondering, if people use the chat??? cause i never see somebody in it.. a couple of months ago, i was there for a while, and had some small talks to people, after being there for like 3 hours alone....

so people... chat more!!!!
I've had a few experiences in small Japan chats, where it's fun talking with people. There may be one Japanese person there, or none, but usually there are people from all over the world there. Which is ok cos I like speaking with everybody. There are only 2 kind of people I like - Japanese people, and gaijin people. (gaijin meaning to me anyone not Japanese which is the wrong definition I'm sure and not "foreigners in Japan" which is probably correct).

However most of my experiences in chats have been pretty lousy. Esp. in the big ones where people pop in & out looking for someone, people are often rude or the conversation is too hard to follow. Smaller ones it seems the people are nicer. What would be good would be to schedule a chat and you can announce, for a certain time. And maybe more people might show up.

Also someone who can write Japanese should go to Yahoo Japan and invite everone to come join our chat. Because they may like to talk with us but maybe they don't know how to join or are shy. Have you ever been to Yahoo Japan using the translated page? It's pretty funny.

I like having my own chats but you have to wait so long for anyone to show up.
It used to be exciting. We used to have a big crowd that would go in chat everyday. We had a thread where we'd post a message to let people know who was in there, beckoning others to come in. Those were the good ol' days.
yeah... I always look at the bottom of the page to see if there's anyone in chat, and because there never is, I don't go in there. Hehe - maybe everyone's like, "you first"! 😊

Maybe I'll just automatically open Chat each time I log on, and hope someone will join me.... :?

Btw, I love your Chat - it's in a format that my computer at work also allows! :giggle: 😇
Hey, I was doing my best to help revive your chat room today! 🙂 I thought maybe I could take some potential "dialogue" away from jpop forum, so: "hey, lets hop into the chat room!" Seems to work pretty well 👍 lol - let's try and spare the mods already! 😊
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