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2 Apr 2002

I have been wondering for ages what the attached characters mean in Japanese. I can translate the first character because that's easy, but my Japanese is bad enough to not know the other two. Could anyone please tell me what it means? Apologies if it's hard to read, I am doing it from memory!

Domo arigatou!


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沢 this is "sawa" a swamp ... used more for it's sound than meaning. You'll see it many names and place names. I good friends name is Mr. Miyazawa. Notice the "s" takes on a "z" sound.

小 when by itself "chisai" meaning small.

昭和 here I wrote it as "shou"wa as in the showa period that just ended 14 years ago. has the meanings of "bright, light, clear" so bright peace.

Hope this helps

PS ... that's pretty good memory!
Thanks for your comments, moyashi!

So, what do the characters combined together mean? Or did you say that this means "bright peace?"

Thanks for the help! Actually, I found it pretty easy to remember those few characters. I am not sure if they're the ones I saw though! :p
Hmmm those 3 combined? I've never seen em combined, maybe a native would know/understand what these refer too.

The combination was the "shou" character which is on the left side of "Showa" <<bright peace, I guess>> which was the last era here in Japan. Japan is now currently in the "heisei era (平成)" Which the late Prime-minister Obuchi introduced on TV to the general public 14 years back.
Originally posted by TomAsInfinity
So, what do the characters combined together mean? Or did you say that this means "bright peace?"
There is not a lot I can add to what Moyashi has already pointed out.

These three characters combined are a person's name, they have no other meaning.
I have since found out that the name these characters represent is "Ozawa Akira." I presume this is correct due to the native source but I am still not sure how it comes together with the characters in that order! But thanks moyashi and Nahoko!
little + swamp = Ozawa
bright = Akira

lololol ... totally missed that! I was thinking in terms of a word and not a name ... sorry.

family name (2-3 characters)
first name (1-3 characters)

Family name comes first in Japan.
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