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12 May 2003
Hi everyone,

I had a chance to read this and thought to share it with you.

This is a very old story from Persian wisdom

"Once upon a time, all of earth's elements decided to have a competition to determine which one would be their King. The winner would be the one capable of arriving first in the deepest valley on earth.

All of the contestants gathered around the top of the highest mountain on earth called "Ambition"; which was the starting point. The race track went through wood lands, rain forests, aburpts, headlands, oceans and other difficult and unique barriers.

With the starting sign, all started to flow down toward the famous valley called "Stability". At the beginning the race, the biggest stone drew away first, spinning and twirling. It descended fast and at first destroyed everything that stood in its way.

In the first, second and third forests in its way, the stone broke all of trees, scattered all weaker stones and shattered animal houses in its path and continued with the highest speed. Nothing could resist it or decrease its power. Colliding with everything, the stone was an aggressive invader.

It, however, never completed the race, because with every collision it lost some of its strength. Half-way through the race it had become only a small stone which was advancing at a snail's pace and was searching somewhere safe.

Do you know who won? Water.
Water won because it had three superior qualities.
It had "a purpose", the ability to pass over the deepest valley.
It had "plan" to easily flow through the narrow passageways and plunges.
And finally it was flexible enough to easily overcome every challenge such as woods, aburpts, barriers, dams and blocks.

There is also a great difference between the charecter of the King Water and others. Despite the stonelike materials, which were aggresive invader in behavior with weaker things, the King Water was helpful to everyone's thirst during the time of the competition tolerantly. It loved others unconditionally and helped to make them grow. Not also water becomes the king of earth, but also everything reacts to its unconditional helps with gratitude and generosity."

ツゥ Mohammad H. Ansari
Tehran, Iran
March 2003



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