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12 Jun 2003
Hey if you have a cell phone share it here and talk about it and share some sites u use for downloading Ringtones I got a Sony Ericsson T306
I have a LG VX6000

I have a Siemens c45, gsm technology, dual band... but is impossible in Italy to have gratis ringtones.😭
LoL I got tones of ringtones on mine, hey dose anyone know a place were I can get a camera attachment for my phone?
Nokia, the one and the only ;)
My model is veerry old though, and I really should change to a new one. The phone itself has been a good servant.
For me the main point is that I can speak and send messages easily etc, extra functions on the phone arent that important..
Hmm.. from recent Japanese dramas (within a year), I noticed many Japanese people have large Japanese folding phones (a tad bit larger than the common US ones). Are they shoved with features or something?
yes, a very big, clear screen, have you seen the new Foma... oh my lord they're nice :) too bad i can't import one for myself :)
Last year I tried the dutchified i-mode, with a rather big lumpy and frankly pathetic phone (NEC something), but what can I say, I'm an innovator and wanted to try i-mode lol

I've got this little cute telephone now ... it has a very nice screen, built in camera with zoom, text and pic messaging, polyphonic ringtones ofcourse and I can enter the socalled T-Zones (my telco is T-Mobile) with it, which is similar to i-mode I suppose.

Hello people

I am looking for a fone a cell fone woo NEC fone.
I hear ATT has NEC fones only 2 oh well but its 269$ I wonder why is it cuz its an import or a flip fone?? because I ask this question is that I am interested in Geting an NEC fone. The one I am interested in is the NEC 515
@Chipi, I also have a Nokia, not sure what number, 3310/3315/3320/ lolol, I just simply don't know!!😊
it texts, and phones people and friends the rest is irrelevant, I treat it as a phone and not a lifeline,,,🙂 👏

Hello! Now in Italy there is I MODE from Wind Company and Do Co Mo licence; cellphones are like a LG VX6000 with internal camera.


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nokia errmmm... 3410... it looks like a bar of soap... and it works like a toy... i wanna get one of those foldable things.. so i can have the microphone located actually NEAR my mouth..
F900i on DoCoMo. :)

Very nice, but very expensive. Video phonecalls, though, are choppy. Lots of melodies for calls and such built into the phone, so I haven't need to go hunting for extras yet. If anyone has a good site, however, please let me know.
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I have the Motorola T720i, It sucks! The antenna breaks easily (slides up and down), reception is horrible, and the phone quality is so poor that normal wear looks like you have been stomping on the phone! I use Verizon Wireless as my service provider, they could be some of the problem. I wish I could have a nice cell phone like Japan has to offer, so maybe in a few months I will get one when I am down there!! :D
I have the Sony Ericsson T610.

Too bad i can't set the language to Japanese though, wanna train my Japanese 👍
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