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Cell phone covers, etc.


20 Nov 2003
I want a cute cell phone like Sakura has in Cardcaptor Sakura... does anyone know where to get anime-themed cell phone covers, ring tones, that kind of thing? I've googled and keep finding sites that send me to other sites that send me to other sites and so on.

I guess it depends on what kind of phone you have. Trying doing a search on Yahoo! or bidding for one on ebay. Look for 'Card Captor Sakura Nokia(enter cell phone type here) phone cover.' If i find any i'll let you know. ^^
I'll go for any cute face cover with something anime on it...mine's so boring -.- if anyone finds out, i'd love to know as well.
I'll look in the meantime!
Originally posted by TyPe-ZeRo
I'd like a naruto face cover or something for my Sony Ericsson t616 :)
Go on eBay or I know some pretty good sites that have a lot of varied naruto cell phone staps. or just go in a search and type Naruto strap or phone and something should come up.
There's a GPRS site that has anime stuff:

I have a pic of the 5 sailors warriors from sailor moon live on my nokia 3650!!Plus the calling tone is the song "Cest la vie" from Sailor Moon Live too!!!
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