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12 Apr 2003
Can Japanese CDs play in American CD Players??? I recently ordered the Final Fantasy X Piano collection, It is japanese. All I have are american cdplayers.
You shouldn't have any problems whatsoever with audio tracks. I have an extensive collection of Japanese CD's and have never experienced any problems on a variety of players (stereo, walkman, pc, etc.). To the best of my knowledge, only certain DVD's (PS games for instance as well as similar formats) may not be region-free.
Some Japanese cd's have copy-protection. They might not run in pc's. I'm aware of one format of copy-protection that does run on Windows PC's but not on Apple Macintosh.
The copy-protect one from Avex makes you install a little audio program on your PC to play it. Works normal for regular CD players.
Audio cds are fine.

However, since the 16-bit era or so, most video game manufacturers take measures to protect from someone using a game designed for another region. All of these measures, of course, CAN be defeated.

*Purrs with delight as he fires up Space Harrier on his American Saturn*
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