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Cars Of Tokyo


5 Aug 2002
You may have already seen my pictures in the gallery section of this website. This album here is CARS and ONLY CARS. I was bored one Thursday afternoon so I went ALL OVER Tokyo looking for cars. I took all these pictures with an Olympus D40 in case anybody was curious.


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Very cool.
Most of these cars aren't even available here in Europe.

For some reason all those smart marketeers think us Europeans like to drive ugly boring underpowered cars.
Where are the chicks?

I see the cars everyday but hmmm, a pair of fast wheels would be nice to check out ;)
@ chicks
hmmmm .... take home to mother types.
I thought tragedy had a few race queens in the group. ;)

@ bB
Yeah, it's not bad. It made a big hit on the market with a bench seat also the mid-size box look has started to catch on.

@ nissan
hmmm ... S13 = Silva which based on the same base as the 240ZX errr 180 over here :D
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