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CARPE DIEM!!!! Hello everyone!


20 Oct 2003
My name is Carlos and I live in O.C. California. I'm currently a full time college student. I lived in Japan for approx. two years and I'm eager to go back the summer of 2004 to study Japanese. I intend to take some intensive Japanese courses to improve my currently weak skills.

By far, I think Japan is the most wonderful place I've been to -- People are nice and friendly, transportation is always on time, life itself is chilled, and the atmosphere is just what you make of it.

While I'm at it, I'm looking to meet people in or around the Yokohama/Tokyo area that have their own place. If this describes you and have room (space) for one more person in your flat or apt, let me know! I'm willing to spend money, although not much 'cause I'm just student and we all know how that is. My intentions are pure, I just want to improve my Japanese because it is a part of my major and I'm not that good at it, heta desu yo. Appreciate the help.

CARPE DIEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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