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Cara nuevo


8 Aug 2003
Hello. I hope to hear lots of opinions on this forum. I am a sociologist by training, but I do lots of writing on culture. I hope to encounter new ideas.

As a way to expand my horizon, I am learning French and Spanish. My Spanish is functional. My French, I'd say my listening comprehension is very bad. But I can read or try to read newspaper and make sense half of what's written. I know this is a cheating, I am using my knowledge of Spanish to read French.

European languages

I totally understand what you mean. I use my knowledge of Spanish trying to make sense of French. Actually I often use my knowledge of English to speak Spanish. I almost feel like E and S are identical languages, just regional variants, like Aomori-ben and Kogoshima-ben.

It is sort of amusing to call them different languages sometimes. The other day, the casher girl in the cafeteria was kicking the cahser thing to open it and said "we need a trick to open this thing." I asked her, since she is Mexican, what the word is in Spanish for "trick." Answer was "truco" (or something similar).
yeah i can get alot out of reading spainish, though ive never studied it. but that could be because most of the signs sroud here are in spainish as well, being that there are alot of mexicans here in texas.
Hi Kaz! I'm Ami. Welcome and Nice to meet you! I know some Spanish. Well, Sayonara! 🙂
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