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car stuff in japan NEED HELP!


20 Jun 2003
hey guys,

well, in about 8 days i'll be on my way to japan, i'll be staying around tokyo and kyoto. Basically considering j-cars are awesome, i want to check out some stuff while i'm there. More specifically, i want to find a couple of UpGarages, check out a drift meet (man, that'd be awesome) look at some of the performance car yards and check out some workshops. I've read up a bit about the places to go, cept i dont have the details with me at the moment.

i think the help i need is, is it hard to locate and get to these places? i'll write back when i have all the info with me. i know that i probably havent said much (or given myself much time) but any help would be cool.


Sounds like fun, and something I wish I had more time to to have done myself. Can't really speak for Kyoto, but in and around Tokyo you'll find no shortage of car enthusiasts/garages/factory showrooms, etc.. A good starting point for formulating a possible itinerary might hinge on whether or not you have a decent command of the language (or are accompanied by someone who is). Too bad you have to leave so shortly because if you could hold off until October then you could hit the 37th Tokyo Motor Show as kind of a "one-stop for all your driving needs" type deal. For more info re: that event btw, check out the official site at:


I guess my best suggestion going on what info you've provided would be to get in touch with your factory reps in and around where you are. Most have good professional contacts between their businesses and overseas establishments who might be able to provide you with some possible venues you might want to check out. I'm sure if you're friendly enough with the reps and upfront and honest about your upcoming trip as well as desire to see what's what, they might be willing to help (they have nothing to lose and potential for gain). Import shops also usually have especially strong foreign ties and you might want to inquire about any contact info they could provide you with re: your upcoming stay.

If I can think of anything more specific that might be useful to you, i'll be sure to provide it for you. Have fun!
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