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Car Navi help please


Omnipotence personified
15 Mar 2003
Does anyone out there have any recommendations for car navigation systems in Japan? I go to the store, I look, I just can't make up my mind. Figured before I took the plunge I would ask that great source of free advice, consumers on the Internet, if they had any favorites.

Japanese is not really a problem, lower cost navis would suit me best.

Thanks. --M
Doh, you got me there... No idea on what's the latests and greatest although it sure would be fun to try them out, heh.
English Language/Bi-lingual Car Navi Recommendations?

Hello forumers,

I would like to buy a car in Japan and wonder what English language or bi-lingual (English/Japanese) car navi systems would you recommend? At the very least, I would like Romanji display for street signs...

Thanks in advance for your help.
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