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Car insurance in japan - help please


1 Sep 2003

I have recently decided to change cars as my little kei car is getting old. I have come across a really nice 2.0l turbo which I decided would be a nice change and it's only costing me 30,000 + my old car ( yup yup I'm cheaaap ). What I need to know is: How much will this bump my insurance up? this question is really aimed at people in similar situations. I have only had my japanese license for 3 years now , however my wife has had hers for 6. We are currently named drivers under my japanese step-fathers insurance and paying 4,000 or so per month. My step-father is 48 and has been driving since the age of 20. The 4000yen per month is my WIFEs insurance cost. My question , basicaly , is : I'm paying 4000 now , I change the car and the insurance remains the same ( my wife and I stay as named drivers ) how much will it jump up to for a 2.0l turbo from a 660cc supercharger?

Thanks in advance for your help.
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